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Would you like to know how to make decisions in your daily life to achieve well-being and healthy habits?

To be healthy  is essential to adopt habits that help you stay healthy and in good shape, no matter how old you are. For this, it is necessary to have an adequate diet, based on the correct foods for you, that nourish your body and mind, that make you feel younger, full of life and sure of yourself when you act and, as a consequence, achieve your ideal weight without the need to live on a diet or measuring calories.

In order to make responsible decisions regarding health, we need to have access to adequate, real and reliable sources of information, learn to use it safely, for our benefit and that of our family, thus achieving real and possible healthy habits that we can always do preventing diseases and damage to our body.

Here in Libera Tu Salud you will find the tools you need to achieve the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. Help you and teach you to understand the existing information on different eating styles and their recipes, through courses, workshops and documents, which are useful for your decision making.

You will find the data directory of many providers of products and services, which will offer you what is necessary to achieve the health goals that you set for yourself.

We will accompany you in this transformation process so that you can make responsible and informed decisions that help you form health habits that improve your quality of life and thus obtain the well-being you are looking for for you and your family.

Professional Health and Food Coaching

“Take care of your thoughts because they will become words.
Watch your words because they will become acts.
Take care of your actions because they will become habits.
Take care of your habits because they will forge your character.
Take care of your character because it will shape your destiny.
And your destiny will be your life…”


Certificada como Health Coach en

Certificados en: Gut Health, Hormonal Health y Detox your life


Diplomado en Nutrición

Maestría en Humanidades


Lic. En Adminstración de Empresas

Diplomado en Creación de Negocios


Instituto Food For Life

  • Panaderia Saludable
  • Panaderia Rústica
  • Fermentos
  • Herbolaria
  • Ciclo Vital de la mujer en Medicina China
  • Medicina Ayurveda
  • El proceso digestivo
  • Intestino tu segundo cerebro
  • Meditación y Yoga
  • Cosmetología Saludable
  • Cocina Saludable
  • Detox your life
  • Expande tu visión del Sistema Inmune, Vacunas y Prevención para tu salud


Curso de Mind, Body and Food.


Entrenamiento Bodhi Medicine
Your Bodhi Knows


Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Josh Axe

Andrea Beaman

David Wolfie

Mónica Strauss

Dr. Osvaldo Juárez

Dr. Dieter Le Noir

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Alejandro Junger

Joshua Rosental

Nirdosh Kohra

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